Lark Lane Post Office – Opening 29 April

Artist's impression of how the new Post Office on Lark Lane will look.

Artist’s impression of how the new Post Office on Lark Lane will look.

Post Office Management have given official notice that our new Lark Lane Post Office will open on Monday 29th April.

Cllr John Coyne has asked the council’s planning department to make sure that there are no issues with the signage.

Lark Lane is a Conservation Area and we need to protect and preserve the quality of the frontages on the Lane. But the last thing we want is a lengthy delay while the Council’s conservation officers consider the acceptability of the signage.

It is also a shame that a recent Labour Party leaflet aimed to take some credit for the re-opening of a Post Office on Lark Lane. We have been clear that the credit for the new Post Office should go to the Reid family at Lark Lane News. The Reid family, not politicians, have made this new Post Office possible.

Fulwood Village Woodland gates to be left open…


A small team of people from Fulwood Village and nearby has been managing the opening and locking of the gates to the woodland off Fulwood Drive.

The team has lost some of its active members and the task has fallen on too few shoulders. Therefore the team has suspended activity for a month in the hope that more people can join in for a re-launch in May.

Residents have told us that problems of anti-social behaviour have been greatly reduced while the locking regime has been in place. It has been worthwhile.

TC Fulwood Village woodland

Tom Crone (pictured, left) is the local Green Party organiser and lives in Ancaster Road – he is volunteering to manage one slot in the new rota. If a few more volunteers emerge before 1 May the team can resume. Please contact us if you can help – 0151 727 7779.

Bedroom Tax: No Evictions

Liverpool’s Green Councillors are asking the Council to press housing associations to say they will not evict people on account of the “Bedroom Tax”.
tax bankers not bedrooms
England’s first Green administration in Brighton and Hove have adopted a policy against such evictions. Cllr Sarah Jennings said Liverpool should follow the lead expressed by the country’s first Green MP Caroline Lucas who says:
“The so-called Bedroom Tax legislation is not only morally wrong and a cause of great potential hardship, it is also unworkable in a city with a long waiting list for smaller properties.
“The council cannot downsize households on the scale required by the government, not would we want it to, and we should not be prepared to evict hard-pressed families, the disabled and other vulnerable people purely because they are unable to pay this unjust levy on a home they either cannot or should not have to leave.”

Update: Sadly, Green Councillors could not persuade the Liverpool City Council’s Housing Committee to adopt a “no evictions” policy. See this report for more details:

Threat to Sefton Park Meadows

New Land Grab would turn Parkland into Private Housing plots.

The Mayor has decided to sell off 6 acres of land on the edge of Sefton Park.meadowsview

The plan is to declare the land “Surplus to Council requirements”. It would be sold to a developer to build large private houses with private gardens instead of the shared public open space we enjoy now.

The Mayor’s report says “The site should realise a significant capital receipt which would be ringfenced to financially assist delivery of the city’s investment priorities.”

As a recognised Green Space, this land should never be given planning permission for housing. If the Mayor gets his way, no green space anywhere will be safe. For example, the landlord of the cricket club at St Michaels could evict the club and build houses there.

Over 1000 signatures on the e-petition on the Council’s website are telling the Mayor to think again.


Green Councillors and activists are working to resist the plans to build on Sefton Park Meadows. Other groups are fighting too.

The Council will have to advertise its intention to dispose of this public open space and we need to create a torrent of objections when that happens. The Mayor and the Labour Party need to be told: “Hands off our Park!”.

How to get involved:

– Join the Facebook campaign at
– Sign the e-petition at

Garden Festival Trees

Green Councillors are helping the Riverside Residents’ Association to resolve problems of unmanaged pieces of woodland left over from 1984. A grant from the ward budget is helping residents in Cottonwood and Floral Wood to develop a sustainable management plan for the trees there, which had been causing problems.

We are also aiming for better management of the trees on the path near Moel Famau View.

Jericho Lane and Archbishop Blanch School

Residents were surprised and even shocked about plans to relocate a 900-strong girls’ high school to a green field site in Jericho Lane.

Green Councillors Sarah Jennings and John Coyne have been pressing the Council to disclose how it thinks it can manage the additional traffic that would be generated at this congested location.

We are told that the first draft of the “Transport Assessment” was flawed and has been sent back to the drawing board.

Cllr John Coyne requested a meeting with the School and he comments: “I believe the School’s leadership team is sincere in wanting to minimise the harm that might be caused by a relocation to Jericho Lane and that they want to introduce facilities there that could be shared with the wider community. However the transport issues may turn out to be insurmountable. Also we have to defend the planning policy that protects our green space from development.

Aluminium Recycling – How to join in

If you live in St Michaels Ward, we will collect your aluminium foil when you are ready to pass it over.

Aluminium foil for recycling

Aluminium foil for recycling

The pilot load shown on the cycle carrier weighs in at about 6kg, but we suggest you let us know when you have just 1kg of clean aluminium foil such as take-away containers squashed down. Any money raised will be applied to local good causes.

Please call 0151 727 7779 to register your interest in joining the scheme.