Tackling over grown trees

Trees growing over pavements is a common problem in many parts of the ward. We often report this issue for action by the council.

In this case branches were growing right across the pavement and were making it hard for some people to access the nearby bus stop.

Despite requests from the council for action, the property owner hadn’t responded after some months, so Cllr Jennings cut back the worst offending branches.

Sarah Jennings cut back the worst offending branches.

Sarah Jennings cut back the worst offending branches.

Royal Horticultural Society Award

Congratulations must go to the Growing Together project, based at SMLLCA, which has received a Level 4 certificate from the RHS for the St. Michaels Community Wildlife Garden. The Award received was a Britain In Bloom Level 4 Thriving Award.
The community garden is in the piece of land opposite St Michaels Station and is an ongoing project. Please visit the site and get involved.

Addaction Support Service

Addaction is a drug and alcohol support service, which offers a range of free and confidential services to help reduce the harm caused by drugs and alcohol.

They are starting a new Recovery Hub at The Old Police Station, 80 Lark Lane on Wednesdays 12 – 2pm. Refreshments will be provided in a friendly and welcoming environment at our peer-led centre. A wide range of topics will be covered to help people using the service including Benefits Support, Advice and Support and Housing. This is a free service for anyone struggling with addiction.

“Pool Bike” scheme at Sefton Park Day Centre

As part of an innovative collaboration with with Merseytravel, Sefton Park Day Centre now has a pool of community bikes. The bikes are available for free to members of the community for a variety of uses. The idea is to help people access local services such as training, employment, health services and cultural and leisure opportunities in the most appropriate, affordable and sustainable way. They also have some free travel passes for people struggling with the cost of public transport.
The scheme has proven popular with local residents borrowing the bikes for essential trips such as visits to food banks and leisure centres. People have also borrowed the bikes simply to go for a bike ride, which has improved their general well being.
If you feel access to a bicycle could in some way help you reach the services you need please get in touch with the Day Centre on 0151 728 9771.

Illegal Motorbikes

Residents have been reporting an increase in illegal motorbikes throughout the Christmas period, especially in Festival Gardens and Otterspool. The police are working hard to eradicate this issue.
Footage from Citywatch CCTV has helped in identifying several individuals riding dangerously. Police officers have also been visiting all local petrol stations to advise them not to sell fuel to youths on these bikes and to remind them of the law in relation to selling fuel in containers.
If you spot an illegal motorbike, the best way to report it is to call 101 or in emergency (if they are really dangerous or outside schools etc) to call 999. The police welcome all reporting and encourage residents to contact them whenever they hear or see these bikes.
The most useful evidence for the police would be an address where these bikes are being stored at or are returning to after being used. The police can act on anonymous information so you can call without the need to leave your name and address.

Paris Climate Talks: Success or Failure?

The reaction of Greens to the outcome of the climate talks held in Paris in December has been mixed. On the one hand, the fact that 195 countries have signed up to an agreement to set limits to emissions of gases which cause global warming is clearly a step forward. On the other hand, the promises that would achieve the aim of restricting the world’s temperature increase to a ‘safe’ level are proposed for years into the future and past experience shows that holding countries to account for such actions has proved notoriously difficult.

In a joint statement, Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett and MP Caroline Lucas commented ‘To make the Paris climate agreement meaningful, we now desperately need a clear plan for 100% renewables by 2050, action to keep fossil fuels in the ground from this point forwards, and a redoubling of efforts – from citizens, businesses, politicians and campaigners – to force the system change that will deliver climate justice for all.’

Caroline Lucas MP and Natalie Bennett in Paris during the climate talks.

Caroline Lucas MP and Natalie Bennett in Paris during the climate talks.

The Paris climate talks have succeeded in bringing together people from all nations of the world, many of whom represent the environmental groups that are campaigning for climate and social justice but the overall success will depend on deeds, not words, from each of those nations. We can only hope that the agreement represents real progress as increasingly turbulent and destructive global weather patterns require urgent action to address this key issue of our time.

Liverpool Green Party Public Meetings

Wednesday 27 January 2016 at The Friends’ Meeting House,22 School Lane, L1 3BT

6pm to 7.15
Jonathan Clatworthy
Green Politics – the Basic Ideas

The “Philosophical Basis” of the Green Party sets out our basic political ideas – our common basis of agreement. At its last major revision in 2000 Jonathan Clatworthy convened the national working party which reviewed it.
Jonathan will explain those ideas in the current context and lead an open discussion.

7.45 to 9pm
Anna Semlyen – “Vision Zero”
Eliminating all Deaths and Serious Injuries on our Streets

Anna Semlyen is the Campaign Manager of 20’s Plenty for Us, the national support organisation for 20mph speed limit campaigners
http://www.20splenty.org and she has served as a Labour city councillor in York.
She will describe the UK launch of the international Vision Zero campaign http://www.visionzero.org.uk and lead a discussion on how each city can make new choices based on the principle that no road death or serious injury is acceptable or unavoidable.