Vaccination and Immunisation

St Michaels Green councillor Sarah Jennings reports on recent political work.

A couple of examples of Sarah’s work each came to their conclusion in the last week of July.

Imms & Vaccs panel

For the last year Cllr Sarah Jennings has been chairing a cross-party scrutiny panel to investigate Liverpool’s performance regarding vaccinations of the local population. The report was tabled at the July 25th meeting of the Social Care and Health Select Committee. The report was very well received and many of the recommendations have already been picked up for action by health services. Sarah will be meeting the lead officer, committee clerk and chair of the select committee to track the outcomes in the coming months.
Sarah said: “It was really refreshing to be able to work together with Labour colleagues in a non-combative environment. The lead officer was happy to provide all the evidence we could ask for – and more – and the questioners were very thorough. The result is a good piece of scrutiny with some actionable outcomes.
“One of the key things that came out of it was the importance of clear communication. People need to have accurate and timely information to be able to make informed choices when it comes to vaccinations, and that’s across all age groups and a wide range of illnesses.” 

Green Party motion on Breastfeeding Support

At the same committee, the Green Party had tabled a motion to investigate a loop-hole in the advertising of baby formula. Cllr Anna Key had drawn up the motion in conjunction with “Liverpool Bambis” (Babies & Mums Breastfeeding Information and Support).
Bambis representatives attended the meeting to speak to the motion and the committee were surprised by some of the information that was provided for them. With a minor amendment, the motion was passed unanimously.
Sarah says: “Here again is an example of people having the right information at a very important time. We strongly feel that informed choices cannot be made when the main source of information is coming through TV advertising – things being promoted by a million-pound industry that we don’t necessarily need or want. We have asked for the council to show support for legislation that would better control what new mums are being told about what they feed their babies and toddlers.”

Meanwhile, On the Street

On the night of Saturday 28th July a street sign was knocked over in Blythswood Street. Sarah called the council at 11:30pm and they sent someone out to investigate. The fallen column was removed, and work began on Sunday morning to fix the problem. (See picture)WP_20170730_14_55_54_Pro-1